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Creating a roadmap for negotiation success: The ultimate guide to planning, preparation and execution

Webinar|14 June 2023

Join our webinar to learn more about how planning for action impacts successful negotiations.

Procurement and environmental sustainability: Accelerating progress by optimising negotiation capability

Webinar|17 May 2023

Join us in discussing the challenges procurement teams may encounter when working with various suppliers on ES and evaluate which techniques are most suitable.

A journey inside the mind of the buyer

Webinar|22 March 2023

Learn how to create a highly effective negotiation approach by elevating your awareness of what buyers think and do.

Post Covid-19 retailer negotiations: Recovering from the storm

Webinar|21 February 2023

Join us to learn how to maximize your negotiation process with retailers within the current post-Covid environment.

Contract renegotiation strategy: How to plan for success

Webinar|10 January 2023

During this webinar we will provide guidance to help you plan, prepare, and map your contract negotiation strategy.

Negotiating in volatile and inflationary times

Webinar|21 September 2022

Join us for a webinar providing practical advice for negotiating in volatile and inflationary times

How to maximise value while working remotely

Webinar|25 May 2022

Join us for a webinar providing practical advice for how to maximise value whilst working remotely.

The Evolve program: Make an impact in our new working world

Webinar|30 September 2021

This is a professional development program like no other: four expert female minds, four leaders in their fields, four solution-focused coaches who are on your side and will guide you across four innovative and interactive workshops, including one on negotiation and self-advocacy.

Selling and negotiation: The subtle art of maximising your skills in both

Webinar|02 July 2021

Are selling and negotiation distinct skills, or is there a sweet spot where they overlap? Join experts in the fields of persuasion and negotiation to discover and practice how to enhance your capability in both.