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Contract renegotiation strategy: How to plan for success

Webinar|10 January 2023

During this webinar we will provide guidance to help you plan, prepare, and map your contract negotiation strategy.

Negotiating in volatile and inflationary times

Webinar|21 September 2022

Join us for a webinar providing practical advice for negotiating in volatile and inflationary times

How to maximise value while working remotely

Webinar|25 May 2022

Join us for a webinar providing practical advice for how to maximise value whilst working remotely.

The Evolve program: Make an impact in our new working world

Webinar|30 September 2021

This is a professional development program like no other: four expert female minds, four leaders in their fields, four solution-focused coaches who are on your side and will guide you across four innovative and interactive workshops, including one on negotiation and self-advocacy.

Selling and negotiation: The subtle art of maximising your skills in both

Webinar|02 July 2021

Are selling and negotiation distinct skills, or is there a sweet spot where they overlap? Join experts in the fields of persuasion and negotiation to discover and practice how to enhance your capability in both.

A live global debate: Is it possible to futureproof learning?

Webinar|16 June 2021

Enduring or “sticky” learning is the holy grail for anyone in the business of learning and development. But is the pursuit of enhanced capability that is retained over time truly achievable? Join expert consultants, senior executives, star debaters and leaders of the future as they go head to head in a live debate.

Virtual negotiation: How to maximise your outcomes

Webinar|10 May 2021

Negotiating virtually is neither better nor worse than negotiating face-to-face. But it is different! Movemeon and The Gap Partnership bring you this 60-minute webinar in which we’ll teach you the new rules to approach any virtual negotiation with increased confidence.

Gender in negotiation

Webinar|09 March 2021

This webinar presents the findings of The Gap Partnership's research that posed the question, "Do men and women negotiate differently?", and promises to offer insight, analysis, and learnings for all negotiators.

Webinar series: Negotiating with AI

Webinar|29 October 2020

Join the third webinar in our six-part series where we will explore and discuss if AI is the saviour or the big evil in the future of negotiation.